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My story

by | Jul 17, 2020

I’ve been moving in all sorts of ways my entire life.

Dancing, skating, running, exploring the woods as a child, or competitive swimming.

With 15, I traveled all of Southern Scandinavia by bicycle, drove 180km in one day by the age of 19.

I ran a marathon in my 20s. Some years later I spontaneously ran a half-marathon without any running training, just having done bodyweight exercises in the months before.

Movement has always been part of my life.

The movement practices that made me feel most alive, though, were

capoeira, parkour, and Natural Movement.

The moment I learned about them, I knew I had to do it.

But I’m not only a mover. I’m a deeply spiritual person as well. That led me to study theology and then work in a congregation for six years.

During my work as a – now-retired – pastor, I loved to do youth work. On summer camps, I even taught teenagers the things I had picked up during my capoeira and parkour training.

I’ve always been fascinated by the variety of religious practices around the world. And, whether religious or not – meditation seems to be a common thing amongst all these traditions. And I have been a regular meditator for several years now.

There was always this feeling that what I was doing during my training and in meditation was somehow connected. But before I started to make something of it, I hit a wall.

I experienced severe burnout and major depression. And I’m still recovering from it.

Only then I discovered how disconnected my life was. I had compartmentalized so many parts of it: Work, family, exercise, prayer, community – those were all just fragments with no real connection.

I just wanted to escape – namely life itself.

What kept me alive was the connection to the divine, that’s somehow deeply ingrained in me. But when I started recovering, I also started looking for more. I didn’t feel like I had an authentic way to express this spiritual connection.

Around the same time, I (re-)watched “The Workout The World Forgot”, and I was intrigued by this idea of reconnecting with our true nature through “primal”, almost inborn human movements.

And I felt it in my gut that there was so much more to parkour and natural movement. It was even more than the shift of perception and mindset, that often comes with practicing parkour. It was even more than learning to deal with our environment. It was more than to adapt and to grow through obstacles.

I felt that there was a profoundly spiritual aspect to this way of moving through the world. And I went on a journey to discover this connection. My goal is to arrive at a point where I can say from the core of my heart what MovNat found Erwan LeCorre wrote:

“Natural Movement is a physical expression of my spirit and the spiritual expression of my body.”

That’s basically, what Monkyspirit is about:

Aiming for this form of spirituality. Deeply connecting body, mind, and spirit through practices that are natural, authentic, and playful. To heal while doing it. – And to inspire people like you to do the same.