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Wholehearted Living for Primal Movers

Hey there,

I’m Christian. I write this blog
to inspire people
to move and meditate
and to overcome the things that keep us from doing that.

Overcome Life’s Obstacles

Did you ever feel like you were detached from your true self and trapped in a life that you didn’t want to live – with no idea how to get out?

I certainly did.

Through various life crisis, depression, and burnout, I realized that I

  • felt detached from my environment,
  • was fed up with my perfectionism,
  • finally wanted my energy back,
  • yearned for more play and experiment,
  • and for the feeling of real meaning in my life,
  • also, I lacked people around me who felt the same way.

“The essence of meditation is curiosity.”

Learn To Play

This is the place where I write for those people, who feel like me. By telling you about the journey I went on. – To help you with yours.

And on this journey, two practices are helping me like no other:



Creative Natural Movement

It’s the combination of these two things that I want to expand by writing this blog.

Find Your True Self

If you want to live from the core of your heart, you wish to become physically adaptable and mentally resilient, if you want to become a content human being:

Then you are in good company.

And I would love to stay in touch with you.

The best way to do that is to join my little tribe of like-minded folks:

What I’ll Write To You Is Supposed To Help You…

…make meditation as natural, fluent, and authentic as possible.
…make your movement as spontaneous, conscious, and regular as possible.
…and to integrate the two so naturally into your day, you don’t even notice you’re doing them.

“Natural Movement is a physical expression of my spirit and the spiritual expression of my body.”
(Erwan LeCorre, founder of MovNat)

By The Way

You don’t have to be a tree climber or parkour athlete by any means.

If you ever felt out of place – in your community, at the gym, or in a yoga class – you might just be in the right place. ?